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marqueterie de paille - artisanat d'art - atelier SB Marqueterie de paille - bretagne

Atelier de Marqueterie de Paille

Spécialiste de la marqueterie de paille pour la Décoration d'intérieur

A luminous decorative art of prestige

Discover the different collections made by hand with respect for the material.

Straw, a naturally complex material, reflects light like no other lacquer.

Favor this noble material through the marquetry to pamper your interior decoration.

Handmade creations

Straw marquetry is the art of handcrafting decorative designs from flattened strands of dyed rye straw.

This plant material of unequaled beauty by its natural shine, sublimates all the objects of creation.

Each project becomes a unique creation.

Your tailor-made project - Our clients

We carry out tailor -made projects for interior designers, decorators , individuals , designers , ...

We are at your disposal to accompany you in  your straw marquetry projects.

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